Do you trip over yourself when it comes to living your dreams?

Or sometimes feel like you might be your own worst enemy…?

You know the feeling—you set a goal, make some progress, and then…you just can’t make it stick. Or you get a great idea, and it ends up fizzling because you don’t follow through.

You’ve doubled down, had a stern talk with yourself, and made up your mind to just do it. And nothing changes.

The fairly new field of neuroscience is shining new light into just how powerful habits can be. They have a huge impact on our success. Some habits propel us forward. Others hold us back. You probably have a pretty good idea which is which in your own life. The good news is, you’re not stuck with them. You CAN rewire your brain! That’s where coaching comes in. Call me. We’ll talk.
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Jessica wanted to stop alienating her direct reports by blurting things out without thinking.

Mary Jo was determined to make healthier food choices. Ha! Who doesn’t want that?

Edward was going crazy from the clutter in his office and he vowed to clear it out.

Maybe you’ve set similar goals for yourself and promised yourself that, this time, things would be different. Like you, they’d made up their minds to make it happen. And they weren’t getting anywhere. They just kept putting it off, or they’d start and never get any real traction.

What’s going on here? Thanks to neuroscience, we now have a pretty good idea. Their brains were getting in their way. Seriously.

When you suggest to your brain that you’d like to do something ‘different,’ it strains to do what’s familiar and predictable every time—even when you really do want to change. To these clients, the familiar way they’d always thought about things and done things felt like the “right” way. And that way was no longer serving them.

It takes some new thinking and new awareness to coax your brain to be on your side.

That’s where I come in.

Welcome to Molly Rose Coaching.

Using insights about the brain from the emerging field of neuroscience, I can help you grow new awareness and new thinking that will help you get your brain ‘on your side’ once and for all.

Call me today (608 770 7076) for an introductory session to get better acquainted with your own brain. You can master the art and science of personal change™. Not just for today. Not just for tomorrow. For a lifetime.