Feeling stuck?

 Could be that your brain isn’t helping matters…

Can “getting my brain on my side” really get me unstuck and moving ahead in my life?

Yes, it can—and it will.

What if creating a breakthrough in your
personal and business success didn’t
have to be so…well, so hard?

What if it were easier than we ever thought possible?

What if we could think our way past “Stuck” and into “Success!” by simply
rewiring old, worn-out habits?

The fairly new field of neuroscience is shining new light into just how powerful habits can be. They have a huge impact on our success. Some habits propel us forward. Others hold us back. You probably have a pretty good idea which is which in your own life. The good news is, you’re not stuck with them. That’s where coaching comes in. Call me. We’ll talk.
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You set a goal, make some progress, and then…you know what usually happens. You get stuck. Thanks to neuroscience, we now understand why.

Your brain gets in your way. Neuroscience is revealing the many ways your brain isn’t exactly ‘on your side’ when it comes to getting what you want.

Seriously. It’s not about willpower. It’s about rewiring outdated mental habits that are holding you back. Think about it. How many of your everyday decisions aren’t rooted in habit? Not many, I bet.

It turns out rewiring our habits—cultivating the ability to respond to challenges and opportunities with new thinking and new ways of behaving—is the only thing that can propel us to success.

And that’s where it gets dicey.

The brain’s basic organizing principle is “minimize threat, maximize reward.” Unexpected or unusual activity of any significant level—like rewiring a shiny new habit over an old, worn out habit—is perceived as a threat. It’s the brain’s job to protect you from that threat.

In other words, your brain—specifically, the part called the limbic system—lives to maintain the status quo. It loves your old, familiar habits because…well, because they’re old and familiar. They keep life predictable, and to your brain, predictable means safe.

But those old familiar habits also hold you back.

When you send a message to your brain to do something “different,” it strains to do what’s familiar and predictable, even when you really do want to change.

It doesn’t have to be that way. It’s not that hard to rewire new habits in place of old habits that keep you stuck.

That’s where I come in.

Welcome to Molly Rose Coaching.

Using insights from the leading edge of neuroscience, and coaching with the
brain in mind, I can help you develop and deepen habits that drive success
—and rewire those bad old habits that are getting in the way.

Call or email me today for a 30-minute complimentary brainstorming session.
Together, we’ll take a closer look at some of the science behind getting your brain on
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